Trinity School Summer Camp 2016

Exploring the “ARTS”
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Each week of summer camp promises new activities, curiosities and, projects. Exploring the “ARTS” provides a broad framework for the camp structure. Our summer camp is designed to be wonderfully open-ended, each day is a new possibility.

Each week campers can expect art projects, science projects, books and story writing that will connect to the element of exploration for that week.

 Week# 1:  Natural Sculpture & Design with Trinity Architects
Gallery Show! Design Presentations
July 5th- July 8th- $325 

Frank Lloyd Wright – “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 5.18.47 PM
Come join Trinity summer camp students to discover the beauty and intricacies of design and architecture in the natural environment in and around our school campus.  Students will explore the landscape, searching for natural materials such as rocks, plants and
grasses, animal fur, bird feathers, and twigs.  Students can observe how nature’s ‘architects’ create sculpture and design in a bird’s nest, for example, or the twisting branches of a tree searching for the light of the sun.  We will then take our observations and natural materials into the classroom to design and build our own architectural creations.  Displaying and describing our designs to friends and family will culminate our week of fun and exploration.

Week #2:  ‘Culinary Arts’ with Trinity Chefs!
Picnic/ Tea at school or Sharon Park
July 11th-15th- $400 

“Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.” Craig Claiborne
Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 5.23.26 PM
Trinity School summer students will not only be cooking and baking delicious food, but will be learning more about the culinary arts by exploring kitchen terms, safety, and techniques.  We will learn about ‘kneading’ dough, ‘grating’ cheese, testing whether pasta is ‘Al dente’ and whether it’s best to ‘mix’, ‘stir’, or ‘fold’ in certain ingredients for the best
results!  We will learn a bit about world ‘cuisines’and examine how to use fresh and nutritious ingredients for our meals. Friends and family are invited to sample some of our treats at a mini feast at the end of the week.

Week#3:  ‘Applied Arts’ with Trinity Masters!
Gallery Show
July 18th-22nd- $400 

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up… The important thing is to create” Pablo PicassoScreen Shot 2015-02-16 at 5.14.29 PM

Trinity summer camp students will find out that‘Art’ is more than just pencils, paints, and paper.  Come explore the world of ‘Applied Arts’.  From fashion design to photography, to abstract splatter painting, students will use their imaginations to discover their creative skills using a variety of art media and techniques.  At the end of our week, friends and family will be invited to view our ownTrinity Art Gallery featuring creations from up and coming young artists…our very own Trinity students!

Week #4:  ‘Performing Arts’ with Trinity Thespians
Performance on Friday at Trinity Amphitheater!
July 25th-29th-  

‘To Be or Not To Be…”
Trinity School summer camp students could ‘be’ producing and performing a play from Shakespeare, adapting a Dr. Seuss book, or even unveiling

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 5.25.03 PMour own original story.  Students will be finding out just what it takes to put on a show.  Come be a part of the theatre scene, from backdrops, props, and costumes, to rehearsing scripts and learning to confidently speak up and ‘dramatically’ perform one’s part.   Presenting our exploratory ‘theatrical’ work to friends and family at the end of a week will be our grand finale!


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Trinity Architects- Scavenger Hunt!

Thank you all for coming today! What a fantastic scavenger hunt, right? We hope you had IMG_7809as much fun scavenging as we did putting it all together. Our campers had so much fun working on their many “nature art” projects that were featured in the hunt this morning.IMG_7800

Sophia celebrated her upcoming 5th birthday with some delicious banana bread this morning- Happy Birthday, Sophia!

Enjoy a short clip of our friends on their “Bear Hunt”

This, as all of you are aware, is our last week of summer camp. We will miss our young friends and the fun and laughter they brought to each week.

We look forward to seeing all of you next summer for another four weeks of fabulous camp time together! Thank you for all your support!

Have wonderful, relaxing summer weeks together!!
Teacher Kristine, Teacher Jenny, Teacher Kristel & Teacher Sue.

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Trinity Architects- Day 4

Our campers worked hard on putting together all the finishing touches on their projects and getting ready for the scavenger hunt tomorrow.

Please do come by 12:30pm! We will gather at the amphitheater for a special surprise and you will receive all the instructions for the scavenger hunt following the surprise!

Wind chimes, rain sticks, natural sculptures and so much more to look forward to tomorrow- we hope to see you there!

Have a good evening,
Teacher Kristine, Teacher Jenny & Teacher Sue

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Trinity Architects- Day 3

Hard to believe we are half way through the week already!

Our campers continue to be inspired by all the beautiful buildings designed by master architects around the world. They used a collection of natural materials to build while exploring the concepts of scale, balance and form- pretty interesting stuff!

Our students also made rain sticks using paper towel rolls and plaster- ask your camper what materials they used to fill their rain stick!
They also began making wind chimes by adding the chimes and painting and decorating their individual pieces.

Our campers are also busy designing and working on the scavenger hunt that they will present to you all this Friday- hope you’re ready!

Have a good evening,
Teacher Kristine, Teacher Jenny & Teacher Sue

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Trinity Architects- Day 2

It was the perfect day to spend some time in the park- our campers had a wonderful time hiking the hidden trail in Sharon Park and discovering the natural beauty in our surroundings… and they saw a mama duck with her her 5 baby ducklings- now, could they possibly ask for more??

Back in the classrooms, our campers looked through images of man-made buildings, noting the imagination, creativity and time it took to complete these laborious projects. They saw 22 fabulous buildings- ask your camper if any one particular one stood out in his/her mind this morning and why…

Feeling inspired to do some constructing of their own, our campers used some classroom materials to explore their own creative powers- enjoy these pictures, taken by them, as they completed their projects:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our campers also tried their hand at some sand art and began a variety of other smaller projects. If you have any natural or recycled materials at home, please encourage your camper to bring it in to the classroom- we will definitely put it to good use!

Have a good evening,
Teacher Kristine, Teacher Jenny & Teacher Sue

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Trinity Architects- Day 1

Welcome to week 4! Our campers are all set to discover the natural beauty that surrounds our beautiful campus! After all, you will agree, mother nature is the best architect around!

One of the most beautiful natural elements is a spiral… many designers, artists and architects have used spirals to inspire their work and our campers followed suit today. Working in the studio with oil pastels and paints, our campers studied the works of the Maori Tribe called, Koru Art. Koru art favors the spiral shape and is said to resemble an unfurling fern frond!

Continuing the exploration into spirals, our campers attempted to use a variety of materials to create spirals of their own… enjoy a sample of their work!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And we talked about scavenger hunts… now what do scavenger hunts have to do with our camp, you might ask! Well… we have a surprise planned for you which will involve a scavenger hunt- so brush up on those scavenging skills!

Our campers watched a part of this amazing domino spiral- talk about the time and patience it must take to set this up, right?

We will be going to Sharon Park tomorrow so please make sure your camper is wearing appropriate clothing and shoes- thank you!

Have a good evening,
Teacher Kristine, Teacher Jenny and Teacher Sue.

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Trinity Masters Art Show!

Thank you all for coming today! We are sure you will all agree it was one fabulous art show and definitely, a visual treat!

Our campers have had so much fun putting this show together and working on the myriad art projects. Thank you for all your support!

If this was your last week of camp- have a wonderful, fabulous summer!

If you are returning for another fun week with us- we look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Have a good weekend,
Teacher Kristine, Teacher Jenny, Teacher Kristel & Teacher Sue

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Trinity Masters- Day 4

We spent our day getting ready for tomorrow! Our campers galvanized to put all the finishing touches on their art pieces- it takes a lot to pull together an art show in a week, right?

Our campers also squeezed in an art project inspired by the famous artist, Jackson Pollock… ask your child about this artist’s unique style of painting…

See you all between 12:30-1:00pm tomorrow.

Have a good evening,
Teacher Kristine, Teacher Jenny & Teacher Sue

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Trinity Masters- Day 3

Lots of different areas of exploration this mornings…
Campers studied Leonardo Da Vinci and the art of sketching, finished their plaster and wire sculptures and began another sculpting project using wood.

Teacher Jenny rolled out a tie dye project that had our campers elbow deep in colors. Speaking of colors, our campers have also begun constructing their recycled materials color wheel project…

It’s going to be a visual treat this Friday so please do come to our art show- we are all looking forward to seeing you there!

Have a good evening,
Teacher Kristine, Teacher Jenny, Teacher Hikari and Teacher Sue

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Trinity Masters- Day 2

Our campers delved into the art of sculpting this morning..
We began with watching a short clip on an artist that believes in giving “trash” a new lease on life! Enjoy this clip below where the artist talks about his work and shows us how we can think of new ways to recycle and reuse materials:

Feeling quite empowered after watching this short clip, our campers opted to try some sculpting of their own in the studio. Using plaster and wire along with some imagination and creativity, our campers twisted the wire and added the plaster to make some unique sculptures.

In the classroom, they continued to work on their Warhol inspired pieces adding the second layer to the paintings they began yesterday.

All of these paintings and sculptures will be on display in our art gallery presentation this Friday. Please be sure to come visit between 12:30- 1:00pm to see your child’s work on display- sure to be an event you will be glad you attended!

Have a good evening!
Teacher Kristine, Teacher Jenny, Teacher Hikari & Teacher Sue.

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